It feels as if the world has fallen apart around me,
drifting out from my reach,
separating me from it,
Out in the open.
Yet, at the same time, I feel suffocated,
Im stuck in a small room,
trying to escape,
I cant.
Does anyone care?
No, they dont.
They just sit, talking to each other,
Gossiping, bitching, thrusting meaningless words about others,
Engulfed in their crude conversation, the growing sadness in my soul.
Im crying out for help in a soundproof room.
I want to scream out my sorrow,
but theres no-one here whom I can trust.
My secrets must remain secret.
My thoughts must remain my own.
I have no-one.
I am no-ones.
I am nobody.
My thoughts drag me down with each step I take.
Where am I going?
I have no future,
No dreams,
No path to take.
Forever, lost.
If only I could express myself fully.
I am not musically inclined,
a dancer,
an artist.
I possess the ideas, but not the drive needed to put them into action.
I have nothing to live for.
I must, deep down, enjoy being alone.
Alone, I listen to music for hours,
Alone, I take walks in nearby fields,
I never discuss my thoughts or problems,
Just write them all down in a word document named lost
I am lost.
Find me?

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